Work Study Program

Bangalore’s First Work Study Programme-
Earn Work Experience While you learn !!!!!!!

Work + Study (WS)

This programme offers students the opportunity to gain real-world experience while they work towards their degree. With competitive earnings that help partially offset school costs and improve chances of finding full-time employment upon graduation, Work Study Education offers many advantages.

  • Gain work experience in your field of study- Work in your field of study, learn about the various career opportunities in your program area and develop core employability skills to prepare you for the workforce of the 21st century.
  • Discover your strengths, interests and goals- Work Study will help you learn more about yourself, your career interests and preferences and help you find what your career path.
  • Earn money to help offset the costs of your education- Work Study students are in most cases paid competitive salaries and wages.
  • Build a network of contacts and references- The relationships you build with hiring managers and co-workers can open many opportunities when you seek full-time positions upon graduation. The people you meet at your WS placements can serve as career mentors.
  • Improve your academic life- WS allows you to apply skills and concepts learned in your classes. In turn, you can bring your WS work experiences to the classroom, to presentations and group projects.
  • Build skills and competencies to add to your resume- WS work terms expose you to work environments that can't be replicated in school, allowing you to develop skills beyond those taught in the classroom.
  • Increase your chance of getting hired upon graduation- The skills and experiences that you gain from your WS work terms enhance your competencies in the job market.