PUC (Science, Commerce)


The Pre-University Course (PUC) is a 2-year intermediate programme intended to prepare students for university education. Successful completion of a PUC course is a pre-requisite for university education. The course structure at WINC is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in subjects through theory and its application using experiments conducted in laboratories, guest lectures, seminars, etc., which will prepare them for university level education.


Admission to the PU courses shall be open to the candidates who have passed the Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC)/10th standard or any other examination recognized by the PU Board as equivalent to the Karnataka (India) SSLC program for the purpose of admission. Admission of candidates from outside the state of Karnataka or candidates from outside India shall only be granted on the production of the Provisional Eligibility Certificate issued by the Director of Pre-University Education Board, Bangalore India.


Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology (PCMB)

Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology (PCMB) is a very mature combination, tried and tested with time, which provides a good foundation to further study of pure sciences or other professional science related degrees. It is widely accepted in India and abroad. At WINC, we provide state of the art facilities to thoroughly understand difficult concepts and helpful faculty to provide focused attention.

Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Computers (PCMC)

Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science (PCMC) is a relatively new combination, designed to cater for the emerging technologies market, which provides a good foundation to further study of analytical subjects or other professional technical degrees. It is widely accepted in India and abroad. At WINC, we provide state of the art facilities to thoroughly understand some difficult concepts and a helpful staff to provide focused attention.


Computer Science, Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy (CEBA)

The CEBA course comprising of Computer Science, Economics, Business Studies and Accounting is a pre-university course becoming very popular among students. With a combination of commerce subjects and computers, the course offers better options for higher studies with good career prospects. After the CEBA Course, students can opt for a B.Com or BBA for a bright career in accountancy or management or pursue MBA. After the CEBA pre-degree course, students can also do BCA, though some institutes require mathematics as compulsory subject at pre-university level.

Statistics, Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy (SEBA)

The SEBA course is the pick of most students now. It offers optional like Statistics, Economics, Business Studies and Accountancy. Studying these subjects at the primary level will help students pursue higher studies in specialised courses like company secretary, chartered accountancy and others. After the SEBA pre-degree course, students can pursue higher studies in Multiple Comparison Procedures, Reliability and Survival Analysis, Applied Statistics, Bio-Statistics and Econometrics.


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