MSc. Mathematics

M.Sc Mathematics

The one who pursues MSc Mathematics Distance Education usually needs a thesis. Mathematics is a study of topics such as quantity numbers, structure, space, and change. MSc Mathematics provides an alternative to the traditional MSc degree in Mathematics. The course is designed to serve those involved in the application of Mathematics in industry.

Duration 2yrs
Eligibility The basic eligibility that abilities elicit this course is bachelor’s degree in any discipline with Mathematics as a main subject, from any documented university or both.


M.Sc Mathematics makes sure to provide advanced research skills and provide in-depth knowledge of reasoning and problem – solving skills. It incorporates foundation of mathematical thinking and teaches both pure and applied mathematics to the core.

Students will be taught core mathematical subjects which includes probability theory, theoretical computer science, algebra, number theory algebraic geometry, Global analysis, dynamical systems, differential equations and many more.


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